Company Name    : Kang-Shin Engineering Company

    Address      : (Millennium Plaza 902) 211-4, YongJong-Dong, GeYang-Gu,
                          Incheon Metropolitan 407-310 Korea.

    Tel              : 82-32-554-7575

    Fax            : 82-32-554-7574

    E-Mail        :

    Construction License    : The 1st. Class of Heating Operational License

    Item            : Pig Cleaning / Pig system design and manufacture / tank, boiler,
                        Heat exchanger tube cleaning /Water jet cleaning / Chemical cleaning /
                        Epoxy lining /De-coking / Chemical cleaning agent production and sales
                        for service and waste water treatment

    Prospectus  : For the past more then 10 years, Kang-Shin Engineering has accumulated experiences and
                         technical expertise in the field of machinery and chemical cleaning of Pipe and System
                         in power plant, oil, gas & chemical plant, water supply and drainage facilities, etc. With
                         these know-how, we will do our best to improve the efficiency of domestic and international
                         Industries and lengthen the span of life of industrial facilities. We developed "Green Solution",
                         one of an active material solution, after serveral years of R&D. "Green Solution" is certified
                         as a new environment-friendly material. Green Solution is really effective for agricultural and
                         gardening use, marine and cultural use and water supply and waste water treatment.

    Construction Experiences

       Power Plant     : KEPCO, KEMCO, Korea District Heating Corp., Ulsan Gasoline Support Co., Ltd.,
                              Hanwha Energy Co.,Ltd., Osan Energy Co., Ltd., Heat Annexation Power Plant
                              of  each and every Industrial Complex and Factories, other electric power generating

       Chemical Plant : Hyundai Petrochemical Co.,Ltd., Samsung Petrochemical Co.,Ltd., Namhae Chemical
                              Corp., LG Chemical Co.,Ltd., DongYang Nylon Co.,Ltd., Honam Ethylene Co.,Ltd.,
                              Hanwha Chemical Corp., Samsung B.P. Chemical Co.,Ltd., Kumho Petrochemical
                              Co.,Ltd., Hankook Caprolactam Corp., KOSCO, Shinwha Petrochemical Co.,Ltd.,
                               SK Chemical Co.,Ltd., other chemical plants

         Oil Plant        : Daehan Oil Pipeline Corp., Korea National Oil Corp., Hyundai Refinery, SK Corp.,
                               Ssangyong Refinery(S-Oil) Corp., LG-Caltex Refinery Co.,Ltd., Hanil Oil Co.,Ltd., other                            lubricanting oil and Refinery plant

         Gas Plant     : KOGAS, Korean Gas Industries Co.,Ltd., Daesung Gas Co.,Ltd., other gas and air plant

         Ion Plant       : POSCO, Inchon Ion and Steel Co.,Ltd., Dongkuk Ion and Steel Co.,Ltd., Dongbu Steel
                             Co.,Ltd., Youngpung Steel Co.,Ltd., Kangwon Industries Co.,Ltd., other ion plant

         Construction Field : Daelim Industrial Co.,Ltd., Hyundai Engineering and Construction Co.,Ltd.,
                                      Shinwha Construction Co.,Ltd., Dongbu Construction Co.,Ltd., Hanjung Inc.,
                                     Hanwha Construction Co.,Ltd., SK Construction Co.,Ltd., Samwhan Corp.,
                                     Samsung Construction Co.,Ltd., Hyundai Development Co., Ltd., Donga
                                     Construction Co., Ltd., LG Construction Co., Ltd., Daewoo Co.,Ltd., KPS, POSEC,
                                     Kumho Construction Co.,Ltd., LG ENG Co.,Ltd., Hyundai ENG Co.,Ltd., KCL, etc.  

         Others        : each and every army camp, Environmental Management Corp., Hyundai Motors Co.,Ltd.,
                           Samsung Motors Co.,Ltd., Taechang Co.,Ltd., Boryoong Medians Co.,Ltd., Samsung
                           Semiconductor Co.,Ltd., Hyundai Electronics Co.,Ltd., KCC, Goldstar Magnetech Co.,Ltd.,
                           other pharmaceutical and semiconductor factories