1. Green-SolutionGreen Solution is an acidity, therefore don't mix with alkali or chloric agriculture chemical.  

  • Green Solution contains a large amount of mineral which is essential for the growth of fish, animals and plants, activates a dissolved oxygen, oxidize and  analyze ammonia and sulfated hydrogen. Green Solution also changes dissolved organic matter isinsoluble flock removes it. Therefore, Green Solution purifies water so clearly that fish can live in it cery well. Due to the above effects, Green Solution can be used in marine widely.

2. Water Treatment in Nursery where Green Solution is used

  • water treatment in nursery
 a) the cause of aggravation of water
    Fishes breath DO in the water, so polluted water can breed virus easily. Especially in the limited area like nursery, water is a serious problem. Needless to say, the quality of water is very important to fishes.
 b) the cause of lack of oxygen
   Fish must breathe in water to survive. Generally, through the gill or skin fish inhales DO
and exhales a carbonic acid gas. If there is NH
3 in the water, fish might be lack of oxygen
and die since the ion of NH
3 can be affiliated to hemoglobin more easily than oxygen and cannot supply oxygen to hemoglobin. Oxygen in water affects the ion of NH3 and oxidizes it as NO, NO2, NO3, and this process will edsrease oxygen and pollute water.
 c) the Existing way of water purification
The main issue of water purification is how we can analyze and eliminate the above nitrogenous compounds. So far, people used Air-Ration and eliminated ion. This treatment
is effective somehow, but it costs much money.
 d) water purification by Green Solution
    In order to settle the above problems, we developed Green Solution. With this, we can change DO to an active oxygen (super oxide) which oxidize and eliminates an ammonia ion or organic matter, enhances metabolism. Also the water which contains Green Solution has a strong sterilizing power, so it has a cure effect for fishes.

                   Green Solution does not contain any kinds of harmful heavy mental and its' safety is                    certified by the test. Green Solution is used in the field of marine and cultural business                    widely and we are sure of its business value.


3. How to use Green Solution

  • How to use Green Solution
    The amount of Green Solution used depends on the kinds of fishes, if it's a fry or not, if the water is seawater or not, the degree of water pollution and purpose of use.

  • Usage
     a) in case of comparatively clean water ( around ph7 ) -500ppm~1,000ppm (1/2,000 ~ 1/1,000 spray)
    in case of polluted pond or river water ( over ph 8 )
  •     - 1,000ppm ~ 2,000ppm(1/1,000 ~ 1/500 spray)
     c) in the case of seawater
        -300~500ppm (1/3,000~1/2,000 spray)

4.  Result of Green Solution for Marine and Cultural use

  • Test of how Green Solution promotes growth iof eel and engances thd Survival Rate of it
     a)  Test point     : H Company in Japan
     b) Test Period     : 1990. 5. 8
  • The cause of decrease of an eel cultur in Korea
     a) Cheap eel being imported from Taiwan
     b) low survival rate after 2 month from a fry
     c) general survival rate of eel is 85~88% only
     d) income does not cover the expenses
  • The cause of death of fry
    Basically the water pollution is the main cause - due to the lack of oxygen inthe pond, decomposition of remaining drafts, bad condition for the reproduction of microorganism, etc.
  •  Birth and Breeding Test
    - the result of test ( put 0.1% of Green Solution in the nursery of 250 tons (25,000 eels))
    a) due to the rapid growth, we could forward on August 2 instead of August 15 ~ 18
    b) we could get a desirable result in activity of water, decrease of calcium carbonate, reproduction
         of microorganism, low rate of stress occurrencd, increase of DO, etc.
    c) the survival rate of eel was 100%
    d) owing to an abundant DO, we could culture 32,000 eels instead of 25,000 eels, and also the    survival rate was 100%
  • The fry cultivation
    a) Test point    : E Company in Japan
    b) Test Period  : 1998
    c) caridean shrimp increase of fry
        The caridean shrimp is a large-scaled plankton, and its' increase is an essential point in fry    cultivation. When we added Green Solution, the caridean shrimp increased 10~12 times. (we    put 50ppm~100ppm firstly and after that we add 50ppm~100ppm everyday and finally it    was 500ppm)
    d) Incubation
        By puting Green Solution in the supply water in incubation, we could make water contain
        abundant mineral and prevented decomposition of water and actived metabolism of fry and
        enhanced the incubation rate and incubated eels' birth and breeding rate.
    e) Breeding of Fry
        By putting Green Solution, we could make fry breed very well and prevent disease. (in case of
        seawater :300ppm~500ppm, in the case of fresh water : 500~1,000ppm)
  • Shrimp Cultivation
 a) Test point : T Company in Japan
 b) Adding 0.1% Green Solution into shrimp cultivation, we could shorten the cultivation period  to 3 month instead of 9 month. At the same time we could see the decrease of outbreak of  its'  illness outbreak ratio, therefore we could get much more shrimps from it.
  • Salmon Cultivation
 a) Test point : S Company in Japan
 b) Test Period : From 1990~.
 c) We start to cultivate in 5m x 10m (volume of water : 45) tank with one month old salmon.  We used well water and put Green Solution 1 every day (0.1% of well water). We circulated  water by thd pump and extracted pollutant through a sand filter.
 d) After 12 months, the salmon became a 30cm and 270g, no illness and growing up desirably.
 e) We know commonly that the proper temperature of water should be 18, but in the above  case, all the salmon kept healthy when the temperature went up to 26.5.

  • The result of water tank management in fish restaurant
 a) We cultivate painful or weak yellow tail fish, swellfish and porgy in the seawater circulating  typed water tank in Japanese fish restaurant in Osaka, Japan.
 b) Firstly we add Green Solution 100ppm (1/1,000) to seawater and add 100ppm everyday for  7days.
c) Yellow tail fishes were cred their white spots disease
d) A weak porgy was refreshed and recovered
e) A swellfish was recovered and the weight didn't change. (Generally if we cultivate a swellfish in a tank, the weight of it might be decreases.
  • An example of transportation of live fish
 a) A carp transportation from one of Japanese province to Tokyo
- In case of carp transportation, people use truck with an air-rating system.
  However 30% ( 50% in bad case) of carp is dies due to a sleeping sickness.
- W
ithout air-rating system, when we added 500ppm~1,000ppm (1/2,000~1/1,000) of Green Solution in the water, we could transport carp without any dead one. We sell Green Solution for usage of transportation of live fish)
 b) A Live Fish Transportation from Nagano to Tokyo
Without air-rating system, if we add 1,000ppm (1/1,000) of Green Solution in the water, we could transport 10 fries without any dead one. Moreover we add Green solution 500ppm(1/2,000) to city water, there was no problem.
  • Shrimp Cultivation in a Tank
 a)  In a 60cm tank of Japanese S Company, we put Green Solution 1,000ppm (1/1,000) to water and cultivate shrimp, and the shrimp grow to 20cm from 3cm for 9 months.
 b) The ph of water was 4.5~6.0, but there was no problem for the growth of shrimp.
  • Carp Cultivation in a Tank
 a) In a 90cm tank of Japanese S Company, they cultivated tens of carps were is 20~30cm. The DO of the tank was around 4m/. This was due to a large oxygen consumption and many drafts.
 b) Generally, in the above case, the carp cannot be cultivated properly. For the above situation, a Green Solution actived oxygen in water and enhanced oxygen efficiency. Also due to a sterilization function of active oxygen, a carps were really healthy.

5. Waste water treatment in marine process factory using Green Solution  

  • The waste water of marine process factory contains many fat, therefore it's not treated properly
    with a active sludge. Especially in case of a cold district, it's very difficult to treat waste water with a biological treatment.
  • However the waste water treatment using a Green Solution can treat a waste water properly under any circumstances and regardless of obstacles. Moreover, waste water through Green Solution Treatment can be re-used as a feed or manure
  • Concerning the waste water treatment, please refer to Green for waste water treatment.

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