1. Present problems in Agricultural and Gardening

  • Upset the mineral balance of soil due to use agricultural chemicals and chemical manure t.

     2. If in case of using a Green Solution

  • Recover the mineral balance of soil.
  • Through an activating a mineral of soil, enhance an air-permeability and water-permeability
  • Through an enhancing an antibacterial, retention of water and manure, high productivity, quality improvement, shorten the harvesting term, cost saving .


    Main Crops


    • rice plant, barley, beans, wheat, etc.
    • apple, pear, apricot, peach, plum, persimmon, grape, strawberry, melon, tomato, kiwi, watermelon
    • rose, chrysanthemum, carnation,
    • all kinds of trees
    • cabbage, lettuce, water culture crops,
    • 20~50% enhance of photosynthesis
    • strong against a cold-weather damage or damage by blight and noxious insects
    • shorten the germination terms
    • prevent from damage from salt, quality improvement, productivity increase,
    • possible the repeated cultivation
    • Challenge to no-agricultural chemicals
    • Sterilize the harmful bacteria



 3. Green Solution's effects on growing of plant  

  • Modern Agriculture
     In the modern agriculture, we pursued he mass-crop, therefore, we used a large amount of chemical manure, agricultural chemical and planted a field with the same crop consecutively. Due to the above reasons, the power of soil is really dropped and lead to the lack of mineral which is essential for the plant growing. If this situation is keep going, the crop will be decreased and soil pollution will be a serious problem for man.  
  • Green Solution and Plant Growth
     Green Solution contains a large amount of activated essential mineral which is necessary for the plant growing. Green Solution promotes metabolism of plant's and helps the growth of plants, prevents the damage by light and noxious insects, increase the crop, shorten the harvest terms, increase the sugar, recover from blight, repeated cultivation, etc.



  • In the dilapidated soil, plants cannot growth properly due to the lack of the essential mineral. The Green-22 supplement this kinds of mineral and return the dilapidated soil to the natural and primary one. .
  • We certificated through the actual test that the Green-Solution is help the photosynthesis of plants.


    4. Usage of Green Solution

    Usage of Green Solution is different according to the kinds of plants, soil, manure, climates, cultivation condition, etc. The most important things is users experimental decision, but we would like to suggest the followings;.

  • In the case of Soil Cultivation
    Dilute Green-Solution as 1,000~2,000ppm and scatter it 1 per 1, 2~3 times per month to roots and leaves. .
  • Water Culture
    Add 2,000 ppm and scatter 1,000~2,000ppm of diluted solution to leaves 2~3 times according to ph of a culture fluid..

  • Cultivation with Seed
    Scatter Green Solution as 2,000ppm diluted solution to seed, the growth of roots and stem can be promoted. .

  • For Sterilization and Care for damage by blight and harmful insects
    Dilute Green Solution as a 100~200ppm diluted solution and scatter to the leaves. .
  • Note
    Green Solution is an acidity, therefore don't mix with alkali or chloric agriculture chemical. .

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