1. General Way of waste water treatment

  • Existing Waste Water Treatment
    Biological Treatment is used for the Waste Water Treatment generally, for example,
    Active sludge process, Trickling filter process, Anaerobic digestion process.
    This treatment is using a microorganism.
    The microorganism eats organic matter in the waste water and  organic matter oxidated
     through hydrolysis to water, carbonic acid gas, oxidized nitrogen, ammonia etc, With
     this process, the waste water is treated. However many kinds of necessary conditions  are needed for the effective treatment, because alive bacteria and microorganism plays  an important roles.


  • The existing standard of Waste Water Treatment  
     a) Waste water's acidity must be PH7~8, which is suitable for microorganism.
     b) Proper temperature (20~30°C) is essential for existence and breeding of bacteria
         and microorganism.
     c) In case of Active sludge process, oxygen is essential for existence and breeding of      bacteria and microorganism, therefore Aeration is needed each and everytime.
     d) For thd nutrition of bacteria and microorganism, of organic matter-a pollutant of waste
          water-is needed properly. Excess or shortage of organic matter interfere with
          existence and breeding of bacteria and microorgnism.
     e) Biological treatment for waste water which contains much salt is impossible
         because bacteria and microorganism die due to osmotic pressure.
     f) In the waste water which contains much n-hexane extracts, bacteria and
        microorganism cannot exist due to difficulty in breathing. Therefore in this case,
        pre-process is essential to remove the n-hexane extracts.
  • Problems in the Existing Way of Waste Water Treatment
    a) In order to satisfy all the conditions above, many facilities are needed, for example,     process stabilization tank, aeration tank, sedimentation tank, sludge return system,
        digestion tank, de-nitrification. Therefore it needs huge cost.
    b) For the facilities above, a vast land is needed. Therefore in case of narrow city or
        factory site, this way of waste water treatment is really difficult to use.
    c) It needs a large amount of investment high maintenance expenses.
    d) For the perfect purification, it takes several hours or several days.
    e) Treated water is not purified enough. The quality of treated water only meets the
        standard of discharge permission.

     2. Waste Water Treatment Using Green Solution

  • Effects of Green Solution
    Kang-Shin Engineering's waste water treatment using Green Solution is not a
    partially improved biological treatment but a totally and basically different method. Just add Green Solution into the waste water, it will purify the waste water pertially, not only visible suspension but also fusible organic matter. This is a totally new method of waste water treatment. It also effective in analysis, decolorization and deodorization.

    If we think pollutants as decomposed organic matters which are attached to the water molecule or as materials which are existing in water cluster, waste water is not a decomposition of water molecule but a decomposition of organic matters which are attached to water molecule. Therefore we assumed that if we can stop decomposition through oxidation of organic matters and change water as an insoluble type, we might extract decomposed organic matters.

    Therefore we put 100~500ppm of Green Solution into wasted water and we could see some kind of congelation extracted with carbonic acid gas. After eliminating suspension, and making ph. Neutral or acid, we put Green Solution and we could see the same thing under the circumstance of ph3~6 and normal temperature. The carbonic acid gas which was generated during the process drive away isolated carbonic acid gas or carbonic ion in the waste water. We thought some of organic matter was oxidized and generated carbonic acid gas was much more because the generated carbonic acid gas was much more than total quantity of isolated carbonic acid gas or carbonic ion.

    Therefore we can think some mineral in Green Solution play a role of catalyzer and dissolved oxygen or oxygen ion in water molecule enhance the factor and an active oxygen effects on organic matter. After oxidation of mineral (AL, Fe, Mg, K, etc.), organic matters are changed to an insoluble type and extracted as congelation.
    This development is continued till we change PH over 7. If we keep PH over 7, this development stops and we can see more congelation. We can gather the extracted congelation easily. Minerals, which are not dissolved to congelation, are dissolved in water as micro-type. As purified water, Green Solution, is not polluted for a long time and very helpful for animals and plants and this fact was proved through the examples. This kind of waste water treatment has been tested for the past several years and we could see many positive effects

  • Chemical property and Ingredient of Green Solution
    Chemical property   
    Green Solution is an extract from natural mineral and does not contain any kinds of
        organic matter since we use inorganic matter only during the process of production.
        Inorganic sulfate or as an oxide compound of its' chelat slufate or complex sulfate,
        it dissolved in the water and exists as an ion.
        (The bases contents is over 20% and contains no harmful extracts such as As
         Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr

            * Calcium(Ca)--------------- 532     * Cupper(Cu)---------------- 5.5
            * Phosphorus(P)------------- 250     * Cobalt(Co)----------------- 4.6
            * Magnesium(Mg)----------- 4,700    *  Nickel(Ni)----------------- 3.0
            * Potassium(K)------------- 2,100    * Molybdenum(Mo)----------- <0.2
            * Sodium(Na)--------------- 110     * Lithium(Li)----------------- 5.4
            * Selenium(Se)-------------- <2       * Silica(Si)------------------- 54
            *Tungsren(W)---------------- 54     * Germanium(Ge)------------- 27.4
            * Zinc(Zn)------------------ 22.4    * Titanium(Ti)--------------- 1210
            * Manganese(Mn)------------ 210     * Aluminium(AL)------------ 11,000
            * Iron(Fe)---------------- 12,000     * Rubidium(Rb)-------------- 2.67
    Properties of Matter
            * PH -------------- 0.5~1.0
    Specific Gravity ------------ 1.1 ± 0.05
  • Usage
    As an aqueous solution, Green Solution, contains the minerals mentioned above as a
    type of sulphuric acid sulfate. If we put Green Solution to wasted water or common water, we can see several interesting function. As a result of this, we can find out the following
    useful effects.
    We cannot say conclusively about the mechanism of process, but we think the main thing is "Powerful Oxidation Process" combining a Reaction Process with a Catalyzer Process.
    This special process can be applied to the many kinds of waste water treatment.

    a) Waste water of marine processing
        This kind of waste water contains a large quantity of protein, fat, blood components
        and much salt, therefore it's not effective to treat waste water with the microorganism
        In this case, if we apply Green Solution Treatment, we can treat it easily. If we apply
        this treatment, we can use treated water as a clean water and reuse it.
        Therefore we can save water.

           * If we put 0.1% of Green Solution to the waste water and shake 3 minutes,
              neutralize with slaked lime and filtrate it, we can get the following result.




    Clearing Ratio(%)





















    * If you want more purification, you repeat the above process or you can do an
      adhesion treatment using an activated charcoal.

        b) Excrement of Livestock
            Excrement of pig is similar to the one of man, so it's easy to treat, and treated water can
            be re-used for cleaning a cattle shed.

        c) Poultry farming wasted water
            In the field of poultry farming, the cleansing water for egg is a big problem
            This kinds of waste water is an complex of detergent, excrement and blood, so it's very
            difficult to purify with the microorganism treatment.
            However if we use Green Solution treatment, we can purify it easily and we can re-use
            treated water for cleansing egg safely.

        d) Excrement of Man
            General and common treatment is a microorganism treatment using a septic tank.
            However in the case of a cold district or an alpine region, the microorganism treatment
            is not proper one since the temperature of these area is really low.
            Therefore the pollution of these areas is increasing each and every year. In this case,
            Green Solution Treatment is proper method and you can see the treated water can be
            purified as a drinking water.

        e) Waste water of Chemical Industry
            With the rapid development of industry, industrial waste water is increasing every year.             This kind of waste water contains high COD, so it's very difficult to purify perfectly.
             In this case, if we use Green Solution treatment, we can purify water successfully.
             Objective Chemical waste water - metal cleansing water, rubber processing, paper
             making, battery industry, oil draft of vessel, dyeing, gilding, washing, pipe cleaning, etc.

        * Under the circumstance of insufficiency of industrial water, using Green Solution
           treatment can be a really meaningful transaction.

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