1. What is a pipe epoxy lining?  
After eliminating rust, scale, other accumulated substances inside of pipe, lining inside of if pipe with
     epoxy paint in order to maintain fluids pure, prevent corrosion of pipe and life extend life of the pipe.


Before cleaning                         After cleaning and lining

 2. If we operate a pipe lining... .

  • Protection
    - Make a membrane inside of a pipe, prevent moisture or water contact to a surface of the pipe.   Therefore we can prevent corrosion. .
  • Life Extension
    - Since prevent corrosion of a pipe, the life of pipe can extended. .
  • No harm to human
    - Oil and fat for coating does not contain any kinds of heavy metal, so it's not harmful to human    and no smells at all.
  • Pure water supply
    - Pure water can be supplied since there are no rust or moss in the pipe
  • Protect facilities
    - By using the existing pipe arrangement permanently, you can protect facilities without any   damage.
3. Operation range of Pipe Epoxy Lining
  • Nature of Pipe
    - All kinds of pipe - Steel pipe, cast iron pipe, copper pipe, etc.
  • Size
    - Over 5mm (15mm~350mm generally)
  • Form of pipe
    - All kinds of pipe - Tee, elbow, enlarged or reduced pipe etc.
  • Length of pipe
    - All kinds of pipe - long and short pipe .
  • Usage
    - Can be applied to sanitary pipe, heating pipe, waste water pipe, pocess pipe, etc. .
  • Place
    - Common house, collective house complex, APT, building, factory, etc.

4. Cause of rust water and countermeasure

  • Cause of rust water
    Usually we use steel pipe for house, office, APT pipe arrangement. This is very economic one, but if we use it for a long time, it can rush and block the folw of. If we use the water in this kind of
    pipe, it's very harmful not only for human body and but also for other uses. .
  • Corrosion and Rusted water status after new pipe arrangement
    - After 4 years, a Fe is over 0.3ppm .
    - After 4 years, red and rusted water supplied
    - After 3~4 years, û of Zinc galvanization is reduced .
    - After 5 years, pipe of building corrodes radically.
    - After 4 years, we cannot drink water from the pipe .

Cleaning water               Pollution water

  • Water amount variation after new pipe arrangement
    According to the below table, the water amount is reduced with a same ratio regardless of the caliber. .
    10% reduced after 5 years, 50% reduced after 10~15 years and 70% reduced after 20 years.
  • Pipe corrosion and the speed of a running fluid
    Due to a εȭ of steel, the speed of corrosion of the general water pipe depends on the speed of water. The speedy running part of pipe is not corrode seriously and slow running part of
    it corrodes seriously
  • Problems in the operation of other method
    If we change the pipe, it takes a long time and much money. It also cause serious damage of building. We can use other cleaning method like sand jet cleaning, chemical cleaning, physical cleaning, water jet cleaning, motor brush cleaning, etc. However these kinds of cleanings can eliminate rust in the pipe, but the rust occurs again soon
  • Countermeasures to rust
     In order to solve the above problems, after eliminating the rust, we grind surface of pipe and make a membrane with oil and fat paint.  

5.Characteristics of L.P.A. Method (Epoxy Lining)

  • Excellent adhesion
  • No effect to the speed of a running fluid and amount of fluid due to an equal coating  
  • No corrosion inside the pipe(so you can use the pipe permanently)
  • No scale in a pipe
  • No red-colored water, so very hygienic
  • No red-colored water after a long pause 
  • No pollution during construction  
  • No noisy - or can be reduced to 1/3 compared with other method
  • Can be applied to any kinds of pipe
  • Can be coated coating at once even if it's a long pipe

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