1.  The Use of Pig Cleaning

    • Pipe cleanin to elliminate alien substance such as welding draft, rust, sand, gravel, etc. after compeleting new pipe arrangement
    • Elimination of rust and alien substance from used pipe arrangement
    • Elimination of moisture after hydraulic pressure test, absorbing moisture in the surface of pipe arrangement
    • Transporting food or semiprocssed food during  food production
    • Transporting different items through the same pipe
      Pipe cleaning is used for for various kind of business : The pipes of the chemical plants, food factory, waste water piping, pipe arrangement of golf course, oil pipeline, gas pipeline, service water pipe, etc.


    2.What is Pig Cleaning and why this is it needed?

    General cleansing method is not suitable for works needing extra accuracy due to the special piping conditions. To meet such special customer requests, we developed a method called "Pig Cleaning".  Pig cleaning is especially useful for construction of a long distance pipe, underground pipes which cannot install a VENT or DRAIN, extra high pressure-resistant pipes, gas pipes. To eliminate welding bead, or to gaurantee industries, "Pip cleaning" is a must
    Pig cleaning"is a cleansing method using air, nitrogen, liquid chemicals and special cleansing devices
    considering special requirements of the work. Detailed plan depending on process, demands, materials, fluid, etc. Should be set up . Let's take a look at POLLY PIG method. POLLY-PIG, which looks like a projectile, is made of an elastic, high density polyurethane, It is surrounded with a durable materials-elastoma for example, and it is also wound with a spiral or a cross shaped belt. Polly-pig is produced in various size to fit all kinds of pipes. 3 types of coatings on polyurethane are available : Flat, silicon-carbide and wire brush. Various POLLY-PIGs are produced depening on the usage.
    Why do we use POLLY-PIG for pipe cleaning? It's more economical than any other method. Ject with one POLLY-PIG pipe cleaning(running POLLY-PIG continuously through a pipe), pipes can be perfectly recovered to the "C" value. POLLY-PIG can penetrate wounded pipes, bend-fron, T-from, reducer and can be applied to steel pipes, plastic pipes, concrete pipes, cast iron pipes, coated pipe inside, etc. POLLY-PIG is economic not only for the newly constructed pipe ut also for maintenance of old pipes.
    Polly-pig is economic not only for the newly construted pipe but also for maintenance of old pipes.

    3. Result of Pig Cleaning

    Before cleasing
                                After cleansing

    Before                                            After

    4.  Example of pipe cleaning using "PIG"method 

    Temporary Launcher                                Pigging     


    5.  Example of pipe cleaning using "Tool"method 

    Oil, Gas & Chemical

    • Process lines
    • Service Water Lines
    • Gas Transmission lines
    • Crude oiltransmission lines
    • Crude oil heaters

    Primary Crude Heater Cleaning Tool

     Before                         During Cleaning                            After

     Aluminum and Steel Manufacturing

    • Liquor/Process lines
    • Coke oven gas lines
    • B.O.F. cooling lines
    • Wastewater lines
    • Lagoon slurry lines

              Standard Scroper


    Process Line, Before               ...and After      

    Mining, Industrial and Municipal

    Water Systems

    • Process lines
    • Equipment cooling lines
    • Transmission lines
    • Underground drainage lines
    • Water distribution lines
    • Aqueducts
    • Outfalls/Intakes




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