1. Purpose

      After cleaning a pipe, flash oils into pipe according to the following steps in prevenyion of rusts before the start of operation and inputs of alien substances into the pipe in order to extend durability of the facilities, enhance efficency of operation, and prevent accidents in advance.

    2. Special Operation Method

      * Oil Flushing Operation Method
         To eliminate an alion substances and prevent rusts in pipe, after chemical cleaning.

            1) Shortening oil flushing time by eliminating alien substances with a foam type pig

            2) Flushing after setting temperature at 50~70 using a bypass in order to  make
                flushing oil fluid

            3) Transport oil through a filter in order to prevent alien substances during an oil input             and transport an oil.

            4) Use cooling unit in order to prevent quality change of lubricating oil. .

      3.  Procedure of Oil Flushing

           1) Check a temporary pipe       : Make a pipe networking and supplementation

            2) Install an oil flushing pump : Check a connecting part and oscillation absorption part

            3) Oil re-circulation                 : Increase temperature by more than 50 with the use of
                                                             re-circulation process. Oil purity should fit into the                                                          standard.

            4) Circulation                          : Check the filtering status by circulating oil through a pipes

            5) Change a Filter                   : ln case of bad-filter, change it right away

            6) Oil withdrawal                     : When oil circulated as many times as the stndard
                                                            circulation times, withdraw the oil as mach as possible by
                                                            nitrogen pressure, charging nitrogen at the same time

    4. Criterion of Judgement

           Meet the NAS classification

    5. Construction method  



    TANK & Install a temporary pipe










    (NAS grade check)