1. Where to use jet cleaning

      -Jet cleaning is applied to diverse fields ; eliminating rust or scale from steel sheet or internal and external part of pipe, boiler, tank, harbor facility, pier, vessel, inside/outside surface cleaning of building, etc.

     Before cleaning                         After cleaning    
    Heater Exchanger Cleaning

    2. The effects of scale on the outside of  a boiler tube and what jet cleaning can do about it

    A .Effect of scale on the outside a of boiler tube


    Efficiency Falloff

    Impediment of Heat Transfer


    Rise in temperature of waste gas



    Loss of ventilation



    Boiler tube

    Durability contraction

    Tube corrosion


    Tube explosion Accident

    Before cleaning                    After cleaning

    B .Effect of Tube Cleaning


    Elevation of Boiler credibility


    Reduction of Fuel consumption


    Durability extension for boiler /b>


     ex) a) an example of the 2nd. Power plant in Japan (375MW)

    • Temperature of waste gas of Eco Exit : 20 decresed
    • Loss of draft from heating part 150mm H2O decreased H20 decresed
    • BOILER efficiency : enhanced by 1.17% in case of regular load)

           b)  An example of Nippon Mitubishi Boiler (100T/H)

    • Temperature of waste gas of Eco Exit : 50~60 decresed
    • Loss of draft from heating part : 90 H2O decresed
    • Conversion to plant efficiency : enhanced by 0.37% in case of regular load

    3. Exchanger Tube Chenining (Heater and Condenser)cleaning

    Ram-6 Ream-A-Matic
    The Ultimate Rotary Tube Cleaning Machine
    Ideal for Cleaning Internally Enhanced Tubes

    Super Scrubbers
    The Most Advanced Tube Cleaning Projectiles
    Ideal for Cleaning Power Plant Condenser Tubes



    4. Boiler Outside JET CLEANING Process


    1. Preliminary Research
        - Check for boiler structure
        - Check for attachments is on boiler and taking a picture

    2. Protetion
       - Water proofing for lower part of hearth
       - Set-up a scaffold
       - Protection for castable of burner part

    3. Preparation for cleaning
       - Set up of cleaning facility
       - Install and check for service and waste
    water pipes
       - Chemical annexing     

    4. Cleaning work
       - Scale softness by spraying warm water
       - The 1st. cleaning (cleaning by low-pressure)
       - The 2nd. cleaning (cleaning by the 3rd. cleaning)
       - The 4th. Passivation process
       - PH checking for waste water
       - Others

    5. Confirming of cleaning finish
       - Visible
    checking and taking a picture
       - PH check of heatign surface
       - Others

    6. Post prosess
       - Neutralization of waste water
       - Accumulated scale elimination from the
       - Coating for damaged castable
       - Remove machinery and clean the surroundings

    7. Completion

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